Bug in Windows 10 Update Still Not Fixed

Bug in Windows 10 Update Still Not Fixed

If you’ve been noticing that your PC has been performing a little wonky of late, it could be the result of a newly unearthed bug that impacts how long it takes machines running a specific version of Windows 10 to shut down or enter sleep mode. Microsoft confirmed the bug on the corporate’s Tech Community web page and noted that the delay could sometimes be so long as 60 seconds.

Now as far as bugs go, this one is comparatively benign. Still, if you’re prepared to leave your house and are patiently waiting on your laptop to shut down or go to sleep, watching your computer sit there for upwards of a minute can be unnerving.

According to Philip Froese of Microsoft, the bug impacts explicitly Windows 10 version 1809 and comes into play if USB Type-C devices happened to be connected.

It’s worth noting that the bug doesn’t cause any other system efficiency issues or impact the functionality of attached peripherals. “The system and the USB Type-C ports should proceed to function correctly after the subsequent wake or restart of the system,” Froese noted.

As it stands now, there’s no indication as to how long users will have to wait before Microsoft rolls out a fix nevertheless it stands to reason that this particular concern isn’t at the top of the corporate’s to-do list.

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