FedEx Stands with Huawei And Filed Lawsuit Against US Government

FedEx Stands with Huawei And Filed Lawsuit Against US Government

FedEx has filed a lawsuit against the United States government arguing that it shouldn’t be made to enforce export bans. The legal action occurred after a Huawei smartphone PCMag attempted to ship from its UK office to its US office was sent back to the UK due to President Trump’s blacklisting of the Chinese firm, sparking a fire of controversy for FedEx.

The Unit was delivered from London to Indianapolis but was returned back to our office in London. When we received it back, the parcel had a message saying that there was a “United States authorities difficulty” with Huawei and the Chinese government and that the gadget couldn’t be delivered to its vacation spot in New York. The delivery caused a panic attack for a FedEx Europe package handler, FedEx informed PCMag.

The Chinese government had already announced an investigation into FedEx in May after China-bound parcels had been mistakenly sent to the US.

As for how precisely PCMag’s package came to be sent back, there’s been a variety of confusion and finger-pointing from delivery entities. FedEx stated the “mistake” that prevented an employee misunderstanding the blacklist caused PCMag’s package delivery. The package was then returned to Parcelforce, a unit of the United Kingdom’s Royal Mail.

Parcelforce’s customer service, however, stated that the rejection was undoubtedly a “customs issue,” a statement then contradicted again by Parcelforce’s managing director in a separate statement to PCMag.

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