Flesh Eating Bacteria Attacks Another Person Although He Made No Contact With Water

Tyler King didn’t directly touch water the day he was infected with flesh-eating bacteria. He does not know how it happened. But when his left arm started swelling, reaching thrice its regular size, he rushed to an emergency room, CBS reports. “When I was a little younger, I most likely would have tried to tough it out. Well, that will have been the worst factor that I may do,” King mentioned. “If I had gone to sleep and had awakened with it at the rate it was spreading over my body, I might not have had an arm right now.” King, who owns a water sports activities business in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, had contracted vibrio. The bacteria is usually present in warm, brackish water, a mix of salt and freshwater. When exposed to an open wound, vibrio may cause a skin infection. The bacteria may be lethal if the injury goes untreated.

He had paddled across a lake Friday, per the New York Post, but he hadn’t stepped into the water. He is recovering now. “The swelling is mostly gone in addition to the rash, but the ache in my elbow and arm remains to be fairly significant,” he mentioned. East Coast beaches have had other recent studies of infections. “Waters are getting warmer, and the bacteria loves warmer water, so we’re all at higher threat,” stated Dr. David Agus, per CBS. The important thing to beating the infection, Agus said, is to treat it rapidly with antibiotics. He suggests folks check themselves and children for cuts and cover any open cuts with waterproof band-aids before going into the ocean. “Don’t be afraid of the ocean,” Agus stated, “but pay attention to what’s going on.”