Hopper-  The Winner of Startup Canada

Hopper-  The Winner of Startup Canada

Startup Canada has introduced all of the regional winners of its annual awards at ceremonies that took place in Whitehorse, Vancouver, Edmonton, Mississauga, Montreal, and Fredericton.

The awards, which occurred between May to June, acknowledge achievement for those working to advance entrepreneurship in Canada while aiming to promote Canada’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and culture. There are 17 different Startup Canada Awards, including the Indigenous Entrepreneur award, the Entrepreneur Help award, and the Community Leader of the Year award. People and organizations can self-nominate or nominate someone else.

“Everyone among these excellent recipients has an immense impact on the way forward for Canada, and so they all represent the greatness and variety of our nation’s entrepreneurship community,” mentioned Victoria Lennox, co-founder, and president of Startup Canada. “We’re proud to celebrate excellence and impact throughout Canada by recognizing the entrepreneurs, innovators, and help the ecosystem, making it occur.”

Some notable tech founders and startups have been featured as winners this yr, together with Toronto-based construction software firm Bridgit, which raised a $6.2 million Collection Around this yr, earlier than receiving a $750,000 funding from the federal authorities. Bridgit co-founders Mallorie Brodie and Lauren Lake jointly won the Startup Canada’s Women Entrepreneurship Award.

One other notable firm is Montreal-based travel app Hopper, which final 12 months raised a $100 million Sequence D, bringing its full funding up to now to $235 million. The corporate additionally rolled out its hotel’s feature to over 20 markets and is on track to surpass $1 billion in gross sales. Hopper won Startup Canada’s Global Entrepreneurship Award.

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