Nintendo announces a new $200 Switch Lite

Nintendo announces a new $200 Switch Lite

Out of nowhere, Nintendo introduced a brand new model of the Switch, and it releases fairly quickly. The Nintendo Switch Lite is a leaner version of the present Switch model that sacrifices some features however slashes $100 off that system’s price tag; it sells for $200 within the US. It releases on September 20 in a trio of colors, with a special-edition Pokemon version arriving in November.

The Switch Lite features a 5.5-inch screen that shows at a resolution of 720p. This shrinks the display down barely from the original Switch’s 6.2-inch dimension. Additionally, the Switch Lite will not be capable to connect to TVs through USB-C and HDMI. This means that the Switch Lite is being displayed as a purely handheld platform, versus a hybrid like the original. Regardless of that, it’s going to still bear the Switch name.

The headphone port is still there (Bluetooth headset assist has not been added, sadly), and the button format is basically unchanged. Nevertheless, the Switch Lite no longer has detachable Joy-Con controllers. Moreover, the Switch Lite won’t have rumble or IR motion sensors. Pleasure-Con controllers can still be linked to the Switch Lite. Nintendo has swapped out the four small buttons that function the directional inputs on the Joy-Cons for a traditional D-pad, however.

One different factor to consider is that Nintendo Labo, which allows customers to build peripherals using cardboard, won’t work since the Switch Lite is smaller. Other games will need to support handheld mode in order to function. Titles like 1-2-Switch and Super Mario Party will require you to buy standard Joy-Cons so as to play them.

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