Oneplus Internal Test Sends Out Acciedental Laughing Message To Some Oneplus Pro Users

How would you feel if you got a random notification one morning that read “Hahahahaha”?

For numerous OnePlus 7 Pro customers on Monday, that wasn’t a hypothetical question. Some of them received spammed with what OnePlus acknowledged was the results of a botched internal test that led to some international users reporting some weird push notifications on their devices.

A few of them, for instance, had been greeted with a string of characters in Chinese that translates to “Hahahahaha” in English. Others received a collection of Latin alphabet characters. Each of which understandably brought about some users to freak out, questioning if they (or OnePlus) had been hacked.

OnePlus, which unveiled the OnePlus 7 Pro in May as the priciest handset from the company so far, stated the errant push notifications had been the result of testing for an Android Q update. The company also sent out a message apologizing for the error and pinning it on work completed through the inner take a look at.

OnePlus also adopted up with a statement assuring users that this was a harmless result of a test and that the “incident doesn’t point out any dangers on your data.” Everybody got a good laugh — how could you not, when you get a notification out of the blue that’s simply laughing at you?