OrCam Adds New AI-Powered Gadget for People with Visual Impairment Problem

OrCam Adds New AI-Powered Gadget for People with Visual Impairment Problem

OrCam is increasing its product portfolio with new gadgets that deal with new use cases. OrCam’s best-recognized gadget is the OrCam MyEye 2 — a tiny device for individuals with visual impairment that they clip on their glasses to help them navigate their surroundings.

At CES, OrCam introduced that the MyEye 2 is getting new functions. Also, from being able to point at text and indicators to read textual content aloud, recognize faces, and identify objects and money notes, it will act as a guide people.

For instance, one can say, “what’s in front of me?” and the device could tell you that there’s a door. Users can then ask to be guided to that door.

The MyEye 2 is also getting higher at natural language processing for interactive reading sessions.

In the case of new devices, OrCam is increasing to hearing disabilities with the OrCam Hear. It can be significantly useful in loud rooms. The gadget helps identify and isolate a speaker’s voice so one can follow a conversation even in a public space. Users can pair it with their existing Bluetooth hearing aids.

Lastly, OrCam is introducing the OrCam Read, a handheld AI reader. This time, users don’t need to clip a camera to your glasses; they can take the system in their hand and point it at the text.

The tech firm says it could be particularly helpful for people who have reading difficulties resulting from dyslexia.

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