Smartphones Can Identify Your Age

Smartphones Can Identify Your Age

Older smartphone users tend to rely extra on their smartphones’ auto-lock feature compared to youthful customers, a brand new UBC research has discovered. They also prefer utilizing PINs over fingerprints to unlock their smartphones. Researchers additionally found that older customers are more likely to unlock their smartphones once they’re stationary, comparable to when working at a desk or sitting at home.

The research is the first to explore the link between age and smartphone use, says Konstantin Beznosov, an electrical and computer an engineering professor at UBC who supervised the analysis.”As researchers working to protect smartphones from unauthorized entry, we need first to understand how customers use their devices,” mentioned Beznosov. “By monitoring actual users during their everyday interactions with their gadget, we now have real-world insights that can be utilized to inform future smartphone designs.”

Analysis additionally confirmed that older users used their phone much less frequently than younger users. For each 10-year interval in age, there was a corresponding 25 % decrease within the number of user sessions. In other words, a 25-yr-old may use their cellphone 20 times a day. However, a 35-year-old may use it only 15 times.

The examine tracked 134 volunteers, ranging from 19 to 63 years of age, via a custom app installed on their Android smartphones. For 2 consecutive months, the app collected data on lock and unlocked occasions, choice of auto or manual lock, and whether or not the smartphone was locked or unlocked whereas in motion. The app additionally recorded the length of user sessions.

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