Study claims dietary supplements are not helping your heart at all

More than half of adults report using dietary supplements, but a new analysis suggests that the majority of vitamins and minerals don’t do anything for heart well being. Some products, in line with a review of hundreds of existing studies, may even increase the danger of stroke.

“This research further exhibits that regardless of extensive sales and use of different dietary supplements, there’s a lack of scientific proof supporting the usage of many supplements,” mentioned Dr. Bruce Y. Lee, an associate professor of international health on the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, who was not concerned within the analysis.

The research did find that omega-three fatty acids — commonly found in fish oil — reduced the chance of heart assaults and coronary heart disease. Folic acid also lowered the risk of stroke, while taking calcium and vitamin D together made strokes more likely.
However almost everything else, including niacin, iron and a veritable alphabet soup of vitamins, “had no important effect on mortality or cardiovascular disease outcomes,” in accordance with the evaluation, revealed Monday in the medical journal Annals of Internal Medicine.
The findings had been unsurprising, mentioned Susan Jebb, a professor of diet and inhabitants health at the University of Oxford. “Except to prevent or correct specific deficiencies” corresponding to low vitamin D ranges, or in particular circumstances similar to being pregnant, “there may be a usually good agreement that dietary supplements shouldn’t be beneficial to the overall inhabitants.”
The brand new research, which included almost a million patients overall, additionally discovered limited proof that a low-salt diet might cut back the chance of death, but in an editorial accompanying the review, specialists referred to as that a “peculiar and controversial finding.”