The US Launched Cyber-Attacks On Iran

The US Launched Cyber-Attacks On Iran

The United States launched cyber-attacks on Iran Thursday, focusing on computer systems that control the nation’s rocket and missile launchers. A physical assault was planned for the same day, following Iran’s destruction of an unmanned US drone; President Donald Trump called off that strike, nonetheless.

Three officers who spoke anonymously to the Associated Press mentioned the cyber-attacks have been a part of a contingency plan created within the weeks leading up to the strike, following greater than a yr of mounting tensions between the two countries.

The US exit from the multination Iranian nuclear deal in 2018 put a strain on the US-Iran relationship; this pressure was intensified when the Trump administration positioned new sanctions and trade restrictions on Iran this year.

Over the previous few weeks, the US has accused Iran of attacking ships within the Gulf of Oman (something Iran has denied), and Iran has introduced it will no longer abide by certain parts of the nuclear deal. The US has moved new troops to the Middle East, and Thursday, Iran shot down a US drone, claiming the machine had crossed into its territory (something the Trump administration denies).

Following the destruction of the drone, Trump tweeted that he had prepared, after which called off, a retaliatory military strike over issues concerning the death toll.

“We were cocked & loaded to retaliate last night on three different sights when I asked, how many will die. 150 military persons, sir, was the reply from a General. 10 minutes earlier than the strike I stopped it,” Trump tweeted on Friday morning.

The president did allow the cyber-attack to go ahead, nonetheless, maybe because there would be no casualties.

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